To keep your landscaping looking great, you must ensure that all the plants and trees you have picked with care, stay healthy and thrive. While regular lawn and plant care, fertilization and pest control plans are crucial to the health of your landscape, it also needs to get the right amount of water at the right times.

In short, this means the irrigation system you install is crucial in ensuring your landscape always stays healthy. Stone, Earth & Water focuses on providing custom irrigation design and installation services to our clients. We understand plant needs and install irrigation systems that keep your investment green and growing.

Irrigation System Planning

At times the irrigation design and installation is part and parcel of a larger landscaping project; however, customers also contact us to get their existing systems upgraded. We handle the latter with the same dedication and expertise as we do larger projects. We have to look at various factors while designing irrigation systems, such as:

  • Slope and grading on your property
  • The plantings and trees
  • Specific water requirements of different plants
  • Existence of flower planters and vegetable gardens on your property
  • Maintenance schedules that will be required

Since we often handle projects from conception to completion, we can also help with choosing the right type of plants and trees. This helps us plant trees, bushes and shrubs with similar watering requirements together. This type of planning helps save on irrigation installation and operation costs.

Why Choose Us For Irrigation Installation?

  • We use the best, field-proven systems in our projects
  • We have highly skilled and trained irrigation system installers that handle the job
  • We design and plan the irrigation systems in great detail with consideration to all crucial aspects
  • We know plants and create systems that help them thrive

Types of Irrigation Systems

We use a mix of automatic/manual sprinklers, soaker hoses as well as drip irrigation systems, rain sensors etc. This ensures all your plants and trees get an adequate amount of water, at the right time.

We also ensure that the systems we install are low on maintenance and that they are not wasteful with such an important resource as water.

If you need any more information about our services/irrigation installation cost, or if you want a free quote, call Stone, Earth & Water at 804-598-3645. You can also send us your landscape project details via this online form and one of our experts will get back to you shortly.