Plant Health

Plant Health

Disease & insect management

Ornamentals will be inspected and treated as needed with targeted control products. Costs associated with spot treatment are included. However, in the event of a severe infestation (disease/insect on entire groups of plants i.e. fireblight on all of your Bradford Pears or powdery mildew on all dogwoods) we will advise you of the situation, offer specific treatment recommendations, and provide you with the additional cost to control. We will not schedule the work until you have approved the treatment.

Spring and fall fertilization (14-14-14)

Your ornamentals will respond exceptionally well to our balanced and 100% slow release fertilizer (14-14-14) specifically designed for ornamentals. It has micronutrients and appropriate levels of iron to keep plants healthy, vigorous, and dark green.

This describes the plant health activities in our full service program. Please click on the other links under property maintenance and learn more about the other services that your program will include.