Pruning Ornamentals

Pruning Ornamentals

Every plant has a consistent (slow, medium, or fast) rate of growth and a typical growth form. Your pruning program is based on the type of plants and your unique, and often times, challenging site conditions.

All pruning is properly timed, especially if it is a flowering ornamental, and completed using the appropriate tool for the job. We do not use gas powered hedge clippers when hand pruning is the appropriate method.

All perennials will be cutback, or deadheaded, as needed during each visit.

Ornamental grasses and liriope will be cut back in late winter or early spring before new growth starts. Crepe myrtles will be pruned, or pollarded (cut back to the same spot each year), usually during the same visit. Our recommendation will usually be to allow, or retrain, crepe myrtles to their natural growth form. However, your service crew will follow pruning instructions established during your initial property audit.

In fall most perennials “brown out” or dieback above ground after the first hard freeze of the season. We will clean up perennials (hosta, lilies, etc.) as this process occurs (varies plant to plant).

This describes the pruning portion of what we do please click on the other links under property maintenance and learn more about the other services that your program will include.