Weekly Service

Weekly Service

Stone, Earth & Water Inc. offers year round, weekly service visits. Your property will be expertly maintained by the same crew on the same day of the week (weather permitting).

During the growing season routine visits your grass will be cut and trimmed and bed edges will be cleaned up. All beds, sidewalks, patios, driveways, patios and or porches will be blown off as well.

Fall weekly visits will consist of grass cutting and trimming as long as your yard needs it. Most of the time spent on your property this time of the year will focus on leaf removal. All turf, bed, driveway, and hardscapes will be blown clean on each weekly visit. Many companies only offer bi-weekly or twice per season leaf removal. Our weekly leaf removal provides your property with a consistent clean appearance.

Winter visits are generally picking up sticks, blowing any residual leaves and dusting off the hardscapes and all areas we maintain.

This describes the weekly visit portion of what we do please click on the other links under property maintenance and learn more about the other services that your program will include.